Activity Templates

  • Gravois, Michael. (1998). 35 ready-to-go ways to publish students' research & writing. NY: Scholastic Professional Books. ISBN 0-590-05014-1. This excellent book contains reproducible templates for a variety of student projects such as data disks, flap books, super trioramas, story cubes, story wheels, etc., which can be adapted to any subject area.

  • Print-Cut-Fold Templates - These are good examples of different kinds of books you can have students make to engage students in "publishing" their writing in a variety of formats. Download the zipped Print-Cut-Fold templates, then open the folder. When the individual files become visible, first look at the PDF called Print-Cut-Fold Activities (down toward the bottom) for a brief description of each project. This is a good example of how teachers can use common software applications to accomplish basic paper-based projects. You can save each file onto your hard drive for future use. One nice thing about this "handout packet" is that it includes templates AND samples so you can see how students might use each one. Obviously, they will have to be adapted for use in a FL classroom

Planning Templates