Here are 5 simple techniques you can use to strengthen the impact of your teaching.

1) Talk less, plan for students to do more
  • Condense - Keep your explanations to 5 minutes or less
  • Visualize - Ask yourself, how could I "explain" this visually?
  • Move - Ask yourself, how could I add student movement to this activity?
  • Talk - Ask yourself, how could I add opportunities for students to converse to this activity?

2) Simplify instructions (Words, words, words!)

  • Model FIRST
  • 1 step at a time
  • 5 steps or less
  • 7-10 words per step
  • Write key words on the board or on a PowerPoint slide
  • Use graphic organizers and images to support comprehension
  • More info. on giving instructions (this link will take you to another wiki)

3) Scaffold
  • Where is the activity likely to break down?
  • What supports can you add into the structure and processes of the activity to maintain "flow" for students?

4) Don't pre-teach vocabulary--let students learn it through the activity

5) Activities should build to a final creative product that invites self-expression